Meet Frances

Please let me introduce myself. I am Frances Jackson, a full-time middle school social studies teacher and Political Science Adjunct. I have served in local and state government for over 27 years. In these positions, I served as a community planner, thoroughfare planner, transit planner, air quality planner, transportation demand management, and land use codes administrator. Also, I managed federal transit grants, serving as a zoning administrator, transportation director, and magistrate.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Economics with a minor in Transportation from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, (NC A&T SU). A Master of Arts in Political Science from Fayetteville State University, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration, specializing in Law from Walden University.


My professional work experiences transcend across multiple cabinet departments. As a Thoroughfare, community and transit planner for the Cumberland County Metropolitan Planning Organization, I worked with NCDOT  Public Transportation and Highways divisions, the Department of Public Instruction, Community Colleges, Department of Commerce, Administrative Office of the Courts, Department of Environmental Quality, and Historically Underutilized Businesses, (HUB). These experiences encompass my ability to implement and enforce public policy, as it related to Civil Rights particularly, Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA), serving as the Disadvantaged Enterprise Liaison Officer, (DBELO), and Title VI. Also, I completed certification for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I have a multitude of expertise to contribute to the North Carolina House of Representatives as a Legislator. My slogan is “Send me to Raleigh”!

My commitment and dedication include serving on the Hope Mills Zoning Commission and the Cumberland County Alcohol and Beverage Control Board.